Top benefits of equipping your construction vehicle with EZ Trac:

  • Maintains OEM ride height, providing easy access to bins & tools
  • Increases driver visibility
  • Lower center of gravity, lessens the chance of rollover
  • Tighter turning radius, useful for tight, winding or narrow roadways
  • Can be used year round, ON and OFF the highway
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • No transfer case, resulting in minimal maintenance and less service

Concrete pumpers, water trucks, and other applications in the construction industry benefit from EZ Trac’s ability to handle heavy weight loads on and off the road. Getting you through difficult terrain and situations with ease.


Unlike conventional front-wheel drive systems, EZ Trac maintains factory turning radius, ride quality, ground clearance, overall height and allows for a lower center of gravity, giving your vehicle less likely to overturn and easier to handle, making on- and off-road driving surprisingly uneventful. The ability to keep going is crucial to your productivity. Designed to handle steep inclines, mud, ruts, wet or slippery conditions and unstable roads. With up to 110 Hp output, EZ Trac gives you the confidence of knowing there are no roadblocks to what you can do.