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EZ MOV is an EZ TRAC Hydraulic AWD Feature that allows you to propel your truck with the transmission in Neutral.This option allows the truck operator to advance the truck at a slow constant pace with a joystick. The EZ Trac system operates with the transmission in neutral or with a split shaft in any gear to allow the split shaft’s operation.

  • Allows truck operator to advance the truck at a constant snail’s pace (feet per minute) up to a customizable speed with a joystick
  • Operates without Rear Axle engaged in Neutral or in any gear to allow split shaft mode on the transmission
  •  Power accessory units with transmission while still moving the truck forward
  • Don’t need to operate accessories in park, shut down, move truck forward, and start back up – can use on the fly
  • Keeps truck at a constant speed with no adjustment needed from operator