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EZ Trac – Power and Performance

The EZ Trac Hydraulic All Wheel Drive System brings power and performance of hydraulic power to your medium or heavy duty truck while maintaining the factory ride height and steering radius of a typical two wheel drive.

To eliminate the expense of repairing and replacing broken transfer cases in mechanical 4X4 systems and to eliminate the ride height concerns of these same trucks, Terra Drive Systems designed a hydraulic solution that could solve these problems and more.

After more than 40 years as the largest manufacturer of hydraulic rear wheel drive systems for agricultural combines in the world, Terra Drive Systems, Inc. developed a closed-loop hydraulic front drive system, based on our proven technology but specifically designed for the needs of the work truck industry.

With ten years in the market, EZ TRAC has been the proven hydraulic AWD solution for the work truck industry.

EZ TRAC’s Improved ride height, lower weight, ease of operation, reduced service costs, truck mobility and safety in all circumstances has not only met but exceeded the needs of the market.

The growth of EZ TRAC has not been anything less than extraordinary and it is continuing to exceed industry standards every day, which has lead EZ TRAC to the top of the market in Hydraulic AWD drives for medium to heavy duty work trucks.


Quality Policy Statement

Terra Drive Systems is dedicated to producing the highest quality products available with world class defect levels through impeccable process, expertise and attitude while providing world class support and service.  It is our mission that every employee focuses and strives to build quality and continuous improvement into every step, every product and every action to exceed all expectations of the customer and to be THE quality standard for its customers, suppliers and employees.