Snow/Ice Removal

Top benefits of equipping your snow & ice removal vehicle with EZ Trac

  • Maintains or improves OEM ground clearance, cab & bed height, turning radius & ride quality
  • Lower center of gravity – reduces risk of rollover
  • Shift to AWD on the go
  • Can be used year round, on & off the highway
  • Gives the operator better control
  • Allows more power, torque & tractive effort to be applied to the front tires in extreme conditions
  • Novice operators cannot engage outside the operating limits
  • Increases driver visibility

EZ Trac is the first commercially available, steerable hydraulic drive assist system to simplify and overcome traction and mobility issues without sacrificing ride quality, safety and control. These benefits are crucial for snow & ice removal vehicles.


EZ Trac has the unique and unparalleled ability to engage and disengage on the go at low speed, using a cab-mounted switch you have the control and traction you need to go from on-highway to off-road.