Top Benefits of equipping your utility truck with EZ Trac AWD:

      • Maintains OEM ride height, providing easy access to bins & tools
      • Increases driver visibility
      • Lower center of gravity, lessens the chance of rollover
      • Tighter turning radius, useful for tight, winding or narrow roadways
      • Can be used year round, ON and OFF the highway
      • Increases fuel efficiency
      • No transfer case, resulting in minimal maintenance and less service

With over ten years in the market, EZ Trac has become an industry standard for the Utility sector. From bucket trucks to flatbeds and everything in between, EZ Trac is your utility truck’s guarantee that it will make it to any job. From tricky terrain to severe weather conditions, rest assured that EZ Trac will help you get the job done quickly and safely.

EZ Trac’s improved ride height, lower weight, ease of operation, reduced service costs, truck mobility and safety in all circumstances has not only met but exceeded the needs of the utility truck market, making it a top choice amongst utility fleet professionals. Utility fleets have equipped thousands of their trucks across North America with EZ Trac, giving them the confidence to know they can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at them. EZ Trac is ready for any job, anywhere.